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Mar 2014
I’m sick.
But not the type of sick that you would think.
This sickness is more subtle than a stuffy nose
Yet it is more common than the common cold
This sickness does not manifest with a cough or sneeze.
Yet this sickness can bring grown men to their knees.
No, this sickness affects the mind while the body still looks fine.
Time to time, this illness exits my mind and lets me think clearly,
For a while.

But not long after, this plight infiltrates my thoughts.
It corrupts my clarity, it cuffs my creativity.
It rots my intuition, my motivation, my contemplation.
Everything becomes negative, optimism seems to fade,
But I am not alone in bearing this burden.

You see, I believe everyone suffers from this sickness.
For everyone has their own weakness.
Symptoms include, but are not limited to laziness, doubt, fear, apathy,
Complacency, worry, and indifference.
There is no scientific term for this, no special words to explain,
It’s just the human sickness, and it’s in everyone’s brain
Written by
Noah  New Hampshire
(New Hampshire)   
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