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Feb 2014
This king has lost it all

Every ounce of his will to go on

He’s blown it all away

Even those who made me strong

So save your breath

There’s nothing left

Unity’s separated.

This house of glass now turned to ash.

A shattered reminder of all you hated.

So I deliver unto you

My bloodied low man’s song

So you’ll know how to run the show

When my key is left here, and you’re left all alone.

So take upon your helm

This gift, my royal crown

And take care of this castle

For you’re its sole resident now.

That key opens another door

Leading to my tomb

A conflicted mind now laid to rest

Shotgun and *****, to send me to my doom.
June 2013
Devin Bardot
Written by
Devin Bardot  Kansas City
(Kansas City)   
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