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Feb 2014
Hiding in the shadows of await see you had me from the beginning because fate wrapped my heart around yours and it took traveling into the future to were my love unforeseen, unknown and ever present simultaneously..never knowing how love would seem...between you and I...Because you were the unknown factor...I never knew acceptance until i met you...knowing that love such as yours existed in distant place...hiding in the shadows of Destiny...locked behind the gates of my heart...stirring my in my move within me forever...cloaked within the shadows...hiding behind trees of wisdom...holding knowledge in the palm of her hands....she freed could this be...this love, this passion, unseen yet felt and is it that my heart leaps to the sound of your voice and my spirit breeds truth when you're to the stealth of my emotions...hiding in the shadows of Destiny...locked behind the gates of my exist within the safest place in my world...behind the a place where the pain of heartbreak shall never exist...where pressure is in the simplicity of a smile or a dance...the uncomplicated reciprocity of an unforeseen love...hiding behind the gates of my heart...skipping a beat in your presence...assured, reaffirmed, unadulterated, unforeseen, L-O-V-3.....
Wrote for her...not knowing if she heard my heart or if she'll continue to wonder....
Thessa J Pickett
Written by
Thessa J Pickett  somewhereover the rainbow
(somewhereover the rainbow)   
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