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Feb 2014
No matter when or where, he stays the same with his his cold expressionless face. It has been on & on, it feels like forever until the last. Unlike those fairy tales that ended in a happy ending. Yeah, the thought of happy ending never crossed through his mind. His existence is merely like a shadow walking from here to there. Unnoticed. Unwanted. Unsung.

The presence of someone would gladly turn around his way to feel or to react. Like Vivaldi's winter that makes his mind imagining the sweetness & the bitterness that the world could give to him. Yet, his actions remain still & calm. No harm could be done by him except the fire that burns within that could explode any moments due to the memories of his regretting past.

He, who has suffered the loss of true happiness of the world, lives & march on. Without even knowing what to feel or how to feel. In certain moments of his loneliness,  he seeks love & he's sick of it. No longer he misses the warmth of a woman's hug or their soft kisses that makes his lips embrace them in a flaming passion.

To love, he surrenders. For it has been an excruciating pain, like sudden a crash from one car to another. It left a scar. A pitiful scar. Nobody knows it. Never he has the willingness to share what life had brought up to him.

At least, he thinks, *"Let me live my life forward without any mistakes. Let life give me his tortures to strengthen myself. I won't let anybody know what I have been going through, because it's never worth it to   tell my sufferings from the day that I was born."
Written by
Dimas Dumas
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