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Feb 2014
As neutral as the sun, giving light to all

In the midsts of confusion
on the streetlights
clang prints of the lost
where matters meet opinion

trouble is inevitable as the hours of winter

happiness is pruned by sharp summits of standard

Summer blooms like blossoms of bliss
that meet the trees whom kiss the skies
a shock of relief that blesses

As the drops slither along the green fields
whom are wet
and are dancing with the north winds
and sing as the wild mumbles sweet sounds of soft

A million ages of neurotic entertainment
a thousand and four hundred
skyscapers bend like feathers over the lives of us
inequality strikes logic
littered fields of sense moan disaster
but no one's listening...

The cosmos reasonates to us, within us
as beautiful as a storm of clouds
as sweet as peace
the universe pleads to you to let it seize you
as easy as tripping over the truth
is finding life within you

As neutral as the moon, giving light to **all
Everyone would be perfect if everyone did not support either side of anything, we all are the children of the universe and concepts should not divide what was made undivided
Collin Nuetraal
Written by
Collin Nuetraal  freestate
   Lior Gavra
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