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Feb 2014
To love has never been an easy thing to say or to do in his lifetime. The sweetness always come first to be tasted & devoured, without seeing what's coming next after the joys & laughs. For a while, he sat down & said to himself that he will never seek love for the sake of his easily broken heart & the soft pure hearts that he might hurt. It is the thought of one who would rather save himself from shattering many hearts above his own heart.

Ridiculously said, but it is almost likely to be a sweet escape which could save him from the misery of life. The thought of never to seek love again will secure him in a rather peace of mind. But the pleasures of love will surely be a bitter memory throughout the nights which he must go through.

Voilà, a choice in desperate times. Nobody had ever told him to do so. Only his dark yet vulnerable heart told him so. It will only be the sweetness in disguise that could be shown by him towards colleagues & partners, without letting them know what had really happened deep inside of him.

If, only, there would be a woman of his dreams could come to share the pain he had in his life for so long & to heal the wounds that would've been an eternal scar for him.

Maybe, things would've changed for him. Entirely.
Written by
Dimas Dumas
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