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Feb 2014
To You
The brave & the wild
The wise & the fearless
The unknown by many people
The one who knows my everything
Without even ask a single thing

You see right through me
Not only to my heart
To my soul as well
The soul which has been darkened by the bitter past
The soul that was once thought as incurable
Or no longer could be saved

Yet, you're that small glimmering light
Within that dark & deep heart of mine
That has taken it to a space which I've never felt before

To You
I give my heart, without a doubt
I share my pleasures as many as I can
I dream a world without any remorse with you
I give my  warmth

To You
I'll fortress your body with mine
From everything that come toward us

To You
I love you
Written by
Dimas Dumas
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