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Feb 2014
Every seven years i heard that the cells in your naked body is destroyed and replaced
by a new set of clean cells and its quite a nice feeling knowing
that in just 2 years my body will have never been touched by your bare big hands
my skin will become pure it can
stop rusting like it has been deep under the ocean for thousands of years

i cant wait for the day i come to the surface and just breathe a new oxygen
and you.. you will be out of my mind, and i.. i will not be afraid of you anymore
and you will continue to rot like i have been rotting for 5 years 6 months and 23 days

Its been more than seven years now, your skin has now never touched me .. 05/16
Jacqueline Flores
Written by
Jacqueline Flores  22/Miami
     Dr Mike OConnell and Barbie x
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