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Jan 2014
Its late at night,
The most Awaiting dream comes to life,
My Heart in the space now wanders,
To feel the creator's wonders,
About the rays of light it ponders,
Origin of the universe it envies,
Treading is it to the planet of rubies,
Our GREAT GRANDFATHER, THE BIG BANG, has a highest record of Babies.
Meteros paas by around,
But they cannot hit me,
I am like a shadow here,
Everything passes through me as If I am smoke.
Hey I think I see a rainbow here,
Its a bit different in shape,
Long and wide straight stripes covering a million kilometers of the same seven colors.
I travel through black holes,
Saying, "Hey Mr. Black, You can destroy physical bodies, Try to challange this pure soul,
I have come up with some shortcuts here too, LOL,
How peaceful here the life is,
No rise and No fall,
I look at the nebula,
like, would look, billions of earth's clouds,
but painted in different colors,
The vaccum out here is so hypnotic,
A normal human would become psychotic,
Gravity here in empty pulls uniformly all over my body,
But its gentle while the pull preventing to rip me to pieces,
And then theres a road of white light which leads beyond,
But white is leading to black, this feeling's so sound.
Many small planets are arranged around it to give a bridge like effect,
Does this bridge lead to the ultimate energy,
The ultimate truth as the mortals of the earth say..
I take a step forward to commence the final journey after plenty,
Conjuring all the memories of my life to feel eternity.
As I reach the end in front of me is a small particle placed on a slab,
And the strongest of microscope above it to make it visible.
I turn around to look far away the glistening galaxies
Confined in an arrangement like nerves of a brain,
I give a smile to all my beloved,
And then touch the microsope,
It ****** me in,
And I got shooted from its otherside,
To be absorbed by particle and never to seperate.
"Hey Moksha, Wassup..?"
Mahesh Hegde
Written by
Mahesh Hegde
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