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Sep 2010
O Helen of Sparta
A face to start a war,
To launch a thousand ships
And so it did.

Large, almond shape eyes in
A shocking green color, with a swirl of sapphire
Framed by the spell of her bristly, black, curled thick eyelashes
Dark and fluttering, like the wings of vultures circling the dead

Her figure is the envy of the most beautiful mortals
Graceful and tall, like a stretching cat
Even in stillness, seems to be vibrating with motion
As she stands, untouched, protected by thousands of mortals

Her rosy raspberry mouth,
The thought of kissing it, make the bravest men go weak
Curved tenderly, and frighteningly charming
Red like the blood of the wounded and dying warriors

Silky golden strands, cascade thickly down her back
Pale golden like the Sun in summer
With streaks of crimson mixing with the gold
Enchanting like a land’s last sunset

Her high smooth cheeks are pink
Like the petals of a blooming lily
Comparable to a soft peach, in the early spring morning
Stinging pink, like a mark of a sword, hitting against armor, on skin

Golden skin, completely flawless
Just the brush of it, will make you do anything
Shining, and radiating with its own magic
A magic that one welcomed its imprisonment

Her heart stolen by Paris
There love so powerful, by the magic of a goddess:

A face to die for
And thousands did die
Along with a legendary land
O Helen of Troy
Mymai Yuan
Written by
Mymai Yuan
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