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Jan 2014
dear mommy and daddy,
I'm sorry I left you like this, I know you've been busy,
with appointments and client meetings
I understand, it's for the family
but these past few months have been hell for me
I tried to talk to you both but you ignored me.

the money and cars we have won't help me
it won't lessen my daily misery
but I've bought plenty of bandages for my wrist
but you won't know anyway because you never see me
as you two would leave before me;
our maid and cat, my every-morning-company.

I would always wait for your return back home,
but you would always pass by me, just like you do
with the garden gnomes.
sometimes I would help our maid prepare tea
but just as I would serve you, you'd say
"Honey, we're kinda busy," without even looking at me.

and I know I couldn't talk or speak
just like your client's and boss's kids.
you see, these hand signals don't mean anything
because when I'm talking to you,
it's more like having a silent conversation
with the ceiling.
sad thing is, you don't even look and see
that I'm trying.

so this is a letter for you mommy and daddy
I'm turning 16 today but I doubt that you'll wish me,
now go and treat my brother, his name is Money
and tell everyone in school about this, especially the bullies.

and yes, now I am definitely resting  in  peace.
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