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Dec 2013
we met
we had ***
it was not great
build up was better than the act.
you bled
you stopped crying
we tried *** again but it hurt you.
last shot
tried holding you
was not feeling you sorry
wish it had worked
was not in the cards for us
if it had worked
new years day would be great.
you went home
you called me once
you asked if I loved you.
how can I love you?
we are strangers
we met
we had bad ***
how can I love you it was only ***?
how could I know
how could I know you were untouched?
****** dancing
rubbing your hot *** against me
you me kissing
at the bar
you throwing back
gin and tonics like a pro
we got drunk
we staggered out to parking lot
it was dark
I felt you up and down
you want me I wanted you
we had *** and it was only ***
with no feelings.
you hung up
end of that ****
new day
new year in three days.
I feel validated
validated for taking your virginity.
you offered
and i willingly took your offering.
legs spread
bad *** with you
you thought it was love
was not for me
you saying take me
do i feel guilt?
no way!!!
Written by
Lost in shadows
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