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Dec 2013
If you try to describe love
your end result will be nothing more than
memories painted onto paper
and tears running down your face.
It'll be meaningless words and an aching agony.
It will be nothing more than
sunny days and starry nights,
snow storms and lightning strikes.
It'll be the pang in your chest when you wish
for a moment that time has taken into its grasp.
You'll hear the echo of summer wind whisper by and
feel the sadness of summer rain.
But if you try to feel love,
you feel valentine day's chocolates and stolen kisses,
you'll feel his arms around you
and you'll feel the yearning for summer.
You'll feel what his smile invokes
and you'll feel what his words damaged.
You'll feel the waves crash against the shore.
You'll feel the blood in your veins when he kisses your neck
and the butterflies you get when he grabs your hand.
You'll feel like summer days and stormy nights.
You'll feel the future instead of the past and you'd feel love instead of pain.
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