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Dec 2013
I see the pain in her eyes.
All the hurt and agony she wears like a jacket.
Everything is taunting her.
The sorrow is constantly nagging at her,
telling her to give up.

I see all the scars,
all the evidence.
The truth is hidden from her.
All the pain has got her confused
she says shes not broken
but rather she's bruised.

But what I see is a little girl,
who's life is broken because of this one man.
A little girl who grew up to fast.
Everything she went through is circling around her,
waiting to sting like a bee.

All the memories come flooding back,
but she tries not to show all the scars.

I saw it happen once.
her on her knees,
begging and pleading.
He wouldn't stop.
the blood dripping down her face as she looked up.

I try to forget the thought.
I try not to think about it.
The image in my head,
I try to hide it.
Won't let it show. my scars
Written by
Jessica Stehouwer
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