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Aug 2010
I poured a drop of water
on my daisy
and watched for it
to bloom

It didn't sprout fast enough
so I sprinkled away
with an extra helping of water
To follow up, I fertilized
Still, it was not as colorful
as it seemed it was meant to be

I doted on it
Extra sunshine
Extra dirt
Extra air

But didn't you know
that plants could talk?

It shook
one ofΒ Β its leaves at me,
another one was like a hand perched
upon its stem
as it glared at me without eyes
Its golden mane of petals
surrounded its pale, flowery face
like a halo surrounds the sun
and it said

"Are you trying to **** me?"
"Did you ever hear of killing someone with kindness?"
"Thank you for your good intentions, but....they aren't that good"
"Let me grow"
"Let me be for now"
"Let me come into my own"

I heeded it's advice
never noticing it nearly
withered and shriveled in its fight
but then I backed off
and before I knew it
the flower bloomed to height!

Ok, so this didn't really happen
But the moral of the story is......

Sometimes, you have to stand back
and let things happen on their own
as you can be more of a hindrance
than you are a help

A lesson, I had to learn in life
from 1996...........but fixed up
Dorothy A
Written by
Dorothy A
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