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Aug 2010
Two people once residied in a flat in London city,
A man who had a drug addiction, things did not seem pretty,
His *****, at eighteen, barely grown who worked the streets at night,
She slept all day while **** guy flushed her veins with coke mixed *****.

Now, girl would wonder what life would be like if she were home,
A georgian three up, two down house, with trees and garden gnomes,
She wondered how she got here, reminiscing on times better,
A stupid fight with mum, some awful words, a goodbye letter.

So many times she tried to get away from her **** guy,
But cravings soon kicked in, so she would pierce her veiny thigh,
She saw the flyers on the walls, she knew her mother missed her,
She pleaded with the ****, through lips all swollen full of blisters.

Two people now reside inside a house so filled with sorrow,
A mother,racked with sadness for her girl who evil borrowed,
A dad who knows his brother fills his neices veins with drugs,
The money that dad makes from her will never make him snug.

A flat lies empty, desolate, void of two more souls,
A child lies dead from overdose,
Her uncle full of needle holes...
eileen mcgreevy
Written by
eileen mcgreevy
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