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Nov 2013
Collaboration between twitter user @xaequix and I*

I knew you were only passing by
and never had a thought to stay
After all, I was the one to chase you away

So as you moved on
and walked your way
I watched you slowly get lost
and scared in this thorn of a maze

Deceived by the fragrance of withered roses
you stumbled on without much focus.
Left turn, right turn, stumble and fall,
you were wounded right to the core.

Now when you re-tell your jokes
your smile once lively
is now empty

You pretended to chuckle
trying to hold on.
I gave you bandaids,
trying to pretend your scars were gone.

Lost was the boy who once held onto every word I said
for now he's stronger and
would only fall for her instead

Looking back to how you wasted




did i realise
that you were the treasure instead
The one who painted my smiles
and showed me my selfish mistakes.
Written by
sammybunnie  Singapore
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