Nov 2013
Let darkness envelope me
In a cloak of mystery.
Let the thunder roar
and the lightning clash -
Let the clouds steal me away,
And the rain erase my tracks.

Let the wind whisk me up
Into the arms of the sky.
Let the howling of the storm quiet down to a sigh.
Let the heavens burst open
And sunlight rejoice...
Let the darkness become light -
Let the world hear my voice!

Let the whispers in the forest break out into song.
Let the world be set right,
Let nothing be wrong.

Let darkness release me form the claws of its grasp.
Let me be free, let me take off my mask.
Let thunder die out, let the lightning disappear.
Let clouds whither away, and the rain no longer shed a tear...
josh nunn
Written by
josh nunn  south africa
(south africa)   
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