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Nov 2013
On an early September evening
we are sitting outside together under moonlight.
Above us a black velvet sky sprinkled with diamonds;
the light of the stars dazzling on that night.

The infinite in the sky, it was nothing.
Quite dull seemed the moonlight and the stars.
They could never compare to the way they reflected in your eyes.
I'll remind you darling, I got lost in them; trapping me in behind bars.

As I lost myself in the way the moonlight reflected in your eyes,
our souls coalesce into oneness.
Within our beings I was able to feel a connection,
you glowed where once lay my void and emptiness.

How do I remain awake without your light?
Where do I get lost without your eyes?
I become cold without the radiation from your heart.
An emptiness lie where your heartbeat sang in rhythm with mine.
First spinoff from my Dear You, poem.Β Β This will likely get edited.
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