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Nov 2013
Yester evening the night seemed longer than usual. There was neither moon nor stars. But the night was beautiful even without them, more beautiful then ever before. The enchantment of its beauty…made me think last night. I thought a lot…I let my mind explore into the limits of the inaccessible. As far as to the sky I lived last night. I’ve peregrinated into your thoughts then together we’ve exceeded the imagination and hand in hand we have walked star on star.

We captured the world on the palm of our hands and it seemed small…way too smaller than our feeling. In our thoughts we were one, and as an inherent heart we went on exploring the magic of the sleepless night. We rested on the jags of mountains then we walked on the roads of Venice together. Last night we extended those roads with love…me and you. The shadows of the night besprinkled us with wings and we flew up high again. We were playing with the clouds and our smiles.

Aforetime, thoughts started to tire me up, I noticed that sleep was straining me. With the tiring mind, I squeezed the thought of you and I closed my eyes.
I knew that we would meet again…on our dreams.
Furtuna Sheremeti
Written by
Furtuna Sheremeti  Oxford
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