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Nov 2013
Straight lines bound the edges,
while it became necessary to spend
the anchor of time lost in the twisting
patterns slowly darkening to supply
the molecules which provided scenery.

The character was divided
between a wolf and the hiker towering
at the pinnacle of the hill to gaze above

the head of the beast across to the vista
of the trail.  Roses bloomed, and the ink
was done, to dry while color trickled
in a world comprised through streams
of shivering light reflected from

the mountain, a flower raised by
the frivolous event of cataclysmic times;
the hatchet carved its cliffs to make

a face of empty granite and the soul of
the rock.  The delay created a great offer,
considered by erosion, but the hesitation
defied the smoothing influence of climates
and their ages.  The rise killed the
enthusiasms of the hiking spirit,
reconstituting the problem, and
the messenger of hilarity was never less
welcome than when enthusiastic about the
confusion of lost victims.  Always a few
of these were

in the scenes along the shimmering trails
with their names that changed at inconvenient
turning points until travelers were anxious
to go through the door into the chalet with its
green carpet of moss.  The discount welcomed

them, inside, yet there was no great pile
of money and nothing was purchased.  Instead,
after the warmth set in, showing determination,
the man with the pack returned to life on
the wild edge of the land.  After a command to

the sharp creature that had been pacified by the
impressive displays of civilization, the walker
began to trek, and the wandering dog felt self
respect, the beginning of membership.  So, they

belonged to the range, and the traders had plans
to provision them by means of a system of values
arrived to demonstrate available necessities and
equities conceived in the course of bargaining.

This general aspiration was accompanied by the
taciturn response thought to be more pleasant
than the argument and ill will.  Prosperity had
been created by serving fate and nature rather
than by transferring property to a singular pit.
The result was an expectation of good deals and
reliable assistance.
Doctor Baron Joseph Uphoff
Written by
Doctor Baron Joseph Uphoff  Colorado Springs, Colorad
(Colorado Springs, Colorad)   
   Derek Yohn
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