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Aug 2010
They talked about him night and day,
The single man next door,
He said his wife had gone away,
But no one knew what for,
They seemingly had loved eachother,
But then, out of the blue,
Her car was gone, and two young sons just up and left their school,
The smell from sewers, one fine day, aroused a boys suspicions,
He scaled the fence of next door guy and saw some rare conditions,
It looked as though the soil beneath his feet,
Was boiling over,
But looking closer, he discovered maggots in the clover,
The smell was putrid and obscene, his stomach contents rose,
He quickly made his retreat, smell still within his nose,
His mother called the council man, who called the local police,
But next door guy refused to let them in without a priest,
So father Mahon followed council and next door guy,
As local police took photos, while the press girl watched nearby,
A car containing one young womans body, with two boys,
Was buried where the pond once was, and filled with lime and soil,
Next door guy came home one day to find his wife in bed,
But not alone, so he freed the man, but shot her in the head,
He waited for his sons to come, and made them breathe in gas,
Then put them in the car out back, and smashed in all the glass,
The car sank to the ponds mud floor,
And next door guy went shopping,
He bought some soil, a shovel and some lime,
To speed the rotting,
So take a look around you, folks,
Next time you smell a rat,
As it may be your neighbours spouse,
eileen mcgreevy
Written by
eileen mcgreevy
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