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Oct 2013
Time does not stand still as I had hoped.
I saw the changes in you, fleeting and subtle as they were.
I heard your words; kind, thoughtful and always enough to sustain me,
But I no longer felt their bare sincerity that always made me feel exposed and bare myself.
Your love turned into morphine, behind which you concealed a deeper ailment that you refused to show.  
And so I picked up this impeding world and placed it to the side.
You did not expect it, but I beheld you in a moment’s silence.
Your eyes as brown as I remember and your slender body gliding toward me in a dream.
And then you smiled and I heard your laugh again, and knew what I had searched for in this world was always here,
was always you.
I found my way home, and slept soundly with you at my side,
feeling warmth, relief, passion, ecstasy and the companionship of my truest friend.
We retraced the lines of our bodies that we once knew better than the streets of our small town.
And found they led to both the same and different destinations as before.
I drank you in as you slept,
And thought how long and hard I’d fought for this moment.
“I’m home,” I whispered to you in the night,
while you slept on, breathing steadily.
Written by
   carmen and ---
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