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Oct 2013
Hope of Humanity
Shall I let linger the shimmering stardust of every thought of a dreaming heart.
To show you the true meaning of what hope is.
Prove to you with just my heart, as well as what I believe and see with each passing second.
Bring light to your each and every doubt and disprove all thoughts based upon the lies of a society eager to strip you of everything you love and believe to be good about yourself.
I see each teardrop that falls from your eyes and I weep with you. For what more is there do to but mourn together.
I can tell you what there is to do.. There is a seed of light amidst the darkness waiting to bloom, but your darkened, blinded, agonized eyes refuse to see it.
I have cried rivers and oceans of tears for the despair of humanity and the loss of true love in this world.
As each step towards a darker more corrupt future lights a dim candle, I will forever be known as the one who looked upon the true face of mankind and wept for their hopelessness.
For in the eyes of a shattered youth, I saw the remnants of broken dreams left to darkness and silence!
Dreams lost to those who sought them. In their sparkling descent to the pit where fallen dreams go, I watched as the one true love, that should have been treasured above all else, was discarded. Glittering in all its brilliance before it shattered to oblivion and was sought long after its destruction. Left to decay in darkness, lonely darkness.
Where Love, could not love, nor be loved anymore.
So you'd do well not to let your dreams die.
You have the power to make them into reality.
Don't let them fade.
In the end, they're all we have left... Just the shimmering stardust of a dreaming heart to show you what hope truly is.
Nina Messina
Written by
Nina Messina  27/Non-binary/Pittsburgh
   g clair
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