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Aug 2010
Welcome to the world, my child,
I see the awe in you,
I've waited for yoy such a while,
And isaw this labour through,
I curse dthe man who put you here, because i felt such pain,
But when your tiny self appeared, i forgave my love again,
I wish you everything you want, and more,
But even so,
Some things in life take preference, so i will teach you to let go,
When stumbling around in cotton socks, you stretch your arms for me,
I swear to you my darling, i will hold you gracefully,
And when your tooth pops out,
I'll bring forth money from the faerae,
But, mark my words little one,
I will stop parties from being lairy,
You're welcome home to rest,
When college fries your genius brain,
And what's her name has dumped you for the nerd just down the lane,
I'm always here at midnight, when you think youre having doubts,
I'll sit you down with milk and cookies,
We will work it out,
Your missed car payments come, and i will pay them,
Not a word,
I worry night and day my love,
Yet not a word you've heard,
But one day when you've wed, and made a baby of your own,
Please know that i'm your mother,
I love you,
And this will always be, your, home.
eileen mcgreevy
Written by
eileen mcgreevy
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