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Aug 2010
I do, i remember,
When i first saw your face,
Such manly, tough expressions,
Melted into a kind of grace,
Before i knew it, my skirt was round my hips,
And through my shirt,
You ****** me with your lips.

So breathless and hot we were that day,
We stripped in record time,
We fumbled desparately with eachother,
Two ***** bodies entwined,
A connection happened, as we moved,
And grinded hard and fast,
The climactic bursts of passion, babe,
When you exploded, at last.

The shower we shared was *****,
Ironicly so pleasant,
I bit your neck and licked it,
Then you gave to me, a presant,
I gasped in awe with cowardice,
But you were gentle, babe,
My hands against the shower wall,
As abundant love you gave.

Our tired bodies ached for more,
But loving slumber prevailed,
And as the setting sun crept by,
We slept under darkness' veil,
We both awoke to wandering limbs,
Love and lust entwined,
We knew that time was running out,
But time didn't care, or mind.

We held eachother close that night,
Aware of the coming dawn,
When you would leave me here, my love,
Alone, in tears, withdrawn,
The only consolation is,
We met again, and again,
And decided we were soulmates,
In with love, out with pain!!!
eileen mcgreevy
Written by
eileen mcgreevy
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