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Oct 2013
Defending **** in America is a slippery slide
So why not play it like a game of slide
We play it like its game
Pretending it doesn't affect lives
Her mother Said
Be Safe
Be careful
If you’re scared...use that pepper spray
And the other way
That is the only way
She felt safe as the police car approached
She thought: Police are meant to protect
No harm getting a ride home from a Knight
She didn't know where he was taking her
She wondered if this was a back route
Her innocence and naivety
Killed me
E. The End
She’d been missing 2 days
We found her in the woods
Her ebony skin ripped and scarred
Forever with the marks of intrusion
That haunt her Even in her grave
Lets play **** likes it a game...they teach
Russian Roulette

Her mother cried tears of pain a
Pain stained with the question of why
I always wondered why her hands  where so small
Like her life lines where warning me she was not
Meant to live long
Never destined to intertwined with a boy who would give her time
The embodiment of innocence
She didn't realize until too late
He seem to think her curves spoke for her
As if they would say yes
She was never the girl to lack modesty
So I have to wonder
Why wasn't it me
I know my clothes are sometime suggestive
But does that make me and open invitation
Tell what she did Wrong
Because I’m trying to avoid a similar fate
Save the wings of angels
I'm praying you save her grace
In the news tonight, they are spinning her
Into a mainstream Criminal
Newscaster slipped up and said **** ?The judge says she was probable being suggestive
No one ask for ****?
….It was her fault?
Was it her fault for trusting the man whose
Duty was to protect her
Was it her fault for
Not fighting back hard enough
Was it her fault for wearing jeans and a turtle-neck sweater
There is no justification for ****
Don't give me excuses
I won’t accept ******* community service
When this man deserves life
Laughing it away

How his wife sleep with a ****** in her bed
Does she know a ****** is tucking in her children
Blood stain hands tainting  their  innocence
I have every reason to fear men
Every reason to want to cower
From every uninvited glance
And Slight touch
By no fear is not allowed  here
Since we want to play games with life
Russian Roulette  
Maybe I’ll get lucky
This bullet full of fear might
Open your eyes
While we march for Civil Rights
Don’t you dare forget your own mothers
You daughters own rights
Your Shaming your origins
And watch in silence as innocence are killed
Stolen from them their woman hood they same
Way stole from many their continent
So desensitized to ****
But we cower in fear of culture  
We force these bruised women back into daily life
Veterans in wars who still wake up in the middle of night
Drench in fear and shame

Tell me this is not war
Women are on the losing side
Integrity is slowly declining
How foolish of me to think that
Body is mine
I know you aren't blind
Just choosing to ignore
Go ahead fight other countries
War, **** other people babies
And **** their women
Treat your own country like prisoners of war…
The force that intrusion to grow into a baby
With her having a no choice  
But **** is just a game to our
Judicial system
So let’s play
Let your sins imprint in screams of rejection
That rearrange the galaxy’s above
Maybe now when we look above
The beauty of the night
In the darkness we have created
Will reawaken your soul
You’ll see something much more
Than the word ****
This is a spoken word piece
Written by
Acacia Salisbury
   PJ Poesy and ---
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