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Oct 2013
Daintily dressed in white,
We sit.
Watching souls
File down the aisles of our mind’s eye,
A never-ending stream
Of people to whom life was denied.
Six million.

We remember
Those who bore our identity
Whom their world hated, imprisoned, killed,
Who walked to their death
In silent rebellion.

Behind the tall backs and straight necks,
Behind eyes dry of tears,
Lie broken and scattered souls,
Destitute hopes,
And dreams of a day to come
Crying out in vain.

We thank God we are whole.
We are not the ones who were
Picked apart,
Conviction casted away,
Limbs left lifeless,
Nothing but empty shells
Of a people once strong.

We thank God we live in a time
Where that shell has been filled.
We pray we may never see
That emptiness in us.
The thirst, hunger,

The blinding billows
Of smoke,
Choking out dignity.
No hope or prayer for life
Only the hope that this
Atrocious massacre
Will never be repeated.
Will never be forgotten.
He Pa'amon
Written by
He Pa'amon
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