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Jan 3
Ever been told your dream's too big, beyond your class?

When such doubts arise, how do you react?

These fears and self-doubts, have you explored their roots?

It's often the environment, or loved ones, imposing limits in a form of guidance, out of love but stemming from fear in guise of their own experiences.

But have you questioned the boundaries set for you?

Now's the time to aim for your highest dreams, to commit fully and live beautifully – because you can!

Surround yourself with people who align with your values, those who radiate beauty when sharing their deepest desires.

Cultivate love, faith, and determination – and most importantly, believe in ‘You’.

I've experienced carrying the world's burdens, battling fatigue, and struggling with the fear of failure.

In my quest to unlock life's mysteries, I've learned that its beauty often lies in its uncertainty.

We try to make sense of everything, but why not embrace freedom instead?

I reassure myself, ready to face doubts and let them go.

I'm grateful for all my experiences, shaping who I am in mind, body, and heart.

Trusting in the connections I make, I pursue a dream so vast, it fuels my daily motivation and inspires my creativity.

Remember, the journey inward is the key.
khina maya ghimirey
Written by
khina maya ghimirey  Bhutan
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