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Nov 2023

I entered
the house
through the back wall

easier than
messing around
with locks and keys

careful not to
get stuck
halfway through

the cat
on the mat

with a scrap
of sunlight
trapped beneath a paw

"Help!" yelped
the sunlight
fading away with fright

and so
with a snap
of my fingers

the cat sat
in mid-air
still asleep

allowing me
to dust

and time
for the sunlight
to make good its escape

another snap
of my fingers
and the dog

was walking
in mid-

so much easier
than taking him
for a walk in the park

another snap
and the kettle
boiled itself

made the tea
even if only
a bit strongly

the dishes were busy
washing themselves
stacking themselves away

the self-cleaning clothes
were asleep in the wardrobe
waiting for the next role

and wondering who
they would have to be
in the days to come

it was now I
wished I
had paid more

in Magic 101
in Magic 103

as I had run out of
finger clicks and
emergency spells

this time I left
by the back door
as I couldn't

face another
wall to save
my life

I left
the cat and dog

up in the air
as I hadn't enough magic
to put them in their place

being a trainee wizard
isn't all
it's cracked up to be
Donall Dempsey
Written by
Donall Dempsey  Guildford
   Nick Moore
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