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Sep 2013
I smoke some green
I lift my soul
I don't give a **** about that gold
That was engrained
Deep into earth
That our mother
Left for us

To worship the stars

But now it's 1500 or so
What the **** is that
It's just a shiney metal
That glistens in the sun
These cats show it off to the moon
They think that they're true
They think that a dollar
Is all that they need to pursue
When in reality
They think a sort of misconstrue

Think of it like this
You hide everything in the blue
Somewhere deep in your mind
call it just your point of the view
Shake up the world
Separate from mankind
You go and break through
Get a million papers
And now what should you go and do

No offense to these cats
My Friends I do not mean to offend
I'm sorry if that is what I do
Its just a word to describe
I can tell you theres a difference

maybe add the letter A
take out the E and the R
and what do you have
a salutation to you
I know it does not offend
Add the E and the R
and now you change the game
I figured i'd explain
before you judge my next words

But they just had to make me do
Go and call them some *******
I just gotta stick to
My specific point of view
For these people go and buy up
Everything they don't need

Call it the gold and the diamonds
All the fancy cars
Lambo and porshs, Mercedes Benz
Maybe the maybach
Wait lemme change of the track
*** I ******* hate rick Ross, Rat?

Now I bounce back
Huge ******* castles
They always gotta buy

But what is the reason
They go to Brazil
South America
France, Amsterdam
They may buy American
But that's just a hassle
*** even the rich know
We should say ******* to
Bank of America, oh and comerica
I can't disclude all the others
Fannie may and Freddie Mac
Jp Morgan chase

You ruined all our lives
Somehow at a ridiculously freaky pace
You said we were safe
Under this corporate structure
But in reality
You just paid off the man
To carry out your schemes
Quote un quote unwritten scams

Look at the middle class
Man where did they go
You see my friends
They have gone and disappeared
But where do they hide
You crazy theory man?
They reside in the suburbs
The former white picket hustle
A dream perceived as escape from the struggle

But in the end
All these banks and these lenders
Created a little trouble

But my friends, by now
You should be all aware
Of the things that they've done
To cause this despair
I won't go on about it
I won't need to explain why

Listen to me and speak with your mind
For if you do
It will stand the test of time

A wiseman named nas
Once told me that
He is a rapper
I should say
He is one of the best
That ever lived

You should give him a shot
Illmatic is dope
You should start from right there
He speaks from his heart
And that's how he got there

back to the gold and the diamonds
all these minerals that keep us down
These other ******
Just talk about ****
******* and dope and money and gold
It's caused by the media
Corporations, now let me go on

We listen to this ****
Because of the dollar
Somehow it got popular
Now it's what we live under

20% is solid
While the rest of it is ****

There's people hidden out there
That are better than this
Support underground music
*** it's ten times better than what we currently have
While what the man thinks is the best
Now we can take back what's ours
The sounds that we hear
Promote your favorite artist

And then you will be in charge of everything that you hear
It's all you can do
Listen to me
Buddha the kid
*Now reread and try to actually comprehend me
Written by
NickBlockOneLove  Detroit, MI
(Detroit, MI)   
   Angela Nagisa
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