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Sep 2013
the music is playing loud in the bathroom.

Cherie’s roommate is always blaring,

music that isn’t pleasurable to my ears.

she also likes to blare her mouth off too.

she is the perfect example of daddies little girl,

she can’t fend for herself really,

and can’t seem to do anything right.

she leaves a mess in the kitchen,

telling Cherie.

"I’ll clean it soon."

two days later

Cherie is cleaning the Kitchen.

"Why the hell do you clean up for her? She’s a BIG GIRL, ****, I don’t understand."

"Well if I don’t do it, it will never get done."

Cherie likes to do her own thing

i can’t stop her

and really there’s no point too it either.
John Beetle
Written by
John Beetle  London On
(London On)   
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