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Dec 2022
Nobody is Perfect
but Practice make perfect.

Courage & Honourarium
Arreal Ārry Åyrā
À'ray Ariél Arayà
A'rare Arræl Harrer Ayõ

A blessing,
an athmosphriendly
of Harmony.

He whom puzzled the Stars
measured their usefulness
& examine their result
Without forgeting their original posited.

Bring forth your
goodness dauther of the stream
mother from the soil
queen as a breeze,
of Ox thotem blood ritually
warrior lady
natural social tribal woman.

Let her remind you
how I  Broke all the stars of heavenly gemstone
adorned Eve breast-plated
as grains of cloudy blood-cells
as a dominion warrior,

Paßsīng through Ra [Pastor Ra]
An Evening Āngæl [Evangelist Amøn]
Illuminatíng Perfect-hood
[Prophet Raīnbow]
Teacher æ Holy communíon
[Príest ẞēa ẞtær]
Martial Arrael milk & calmly
The Astro-logícal Theor³m-īnn
Cleanse æ Çlær
Á Pøør ẞól [Apostlē Pebblē Rhythm]
13 Natar Chart
Supreme Gracious Humming Glorious All-Court Óccoult•
Written by
Z³AMØNÌSSAHAMASẞAÊLÒRÓ  30/M/The Scroll of Pure Truth.
(30/M/The Scroll of Pure Truth.)   
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