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Dec 2022
The Psalm
The soul is 5 senses
Skin impulse, Taste buds, Sight, Hearing, Breathing.

The spirit is the heart
balance Will, Conscience consciousness.

The emotion is the blood cells
Affectionate streamy
Well connected cord.

Our mind is a triune cord
Braine impulse
Thoughts channel
Meta reasoning.

Folklore Liturgy an old customary ritual worship:
Martial  is the last
Poetry is the least.
Abstract Meta-Physical °Designory is the first & highest literate-sure (Morality)
The sacrifice & the offering man.
He whom sow key's that open Orun.
Psalm-well "Sam-uel".
Psalm-Son "Psalm_ Chant_Sign"

Ma'at God own heart
Bee-Love {DĀHVID}
Woo Man bee .
Who man be!
Woman B (----- rating 60)
Humming Big

I spoke of the-Lilly as "Delilah"
Example Examine Assignment.
Written by
Z³AMØNÌSSAHAMASẞAÊLÒRÓ  30/M/The Scroll of Pure Truth.
(30/M/The Scroll of Pure Truth.)   
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