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Jul 2022
Did you ever see the monster in the mirror
See your own fear even more clear
Looking for your actions to be good
Just to be self destructive, realizing you'll never be there

Thinking everyday I can make a change
Wanting to hang your old ways
Just to be on stage
To find out today is just the same as yesterday

Striving to heal what you do but only leave a wake of pain
Asking all these questions, like "what do I do"
When every sincerity ends bad to die in vain
I Feel Pain Too

But then after many years you become different
And drift away from the people that was scared of you
Thinking now ive changed maybe now i can repent
But with these scars i was scared now asking again "what do i do"

Hoping i can forget the regrets
Thinking maybe i escaped lifes suffocating net
Maybe i can breathe better and calmly stare at the sunset
Signing away these scars with self merit

Thinking i can heal from my stupidity and pain
But the question still lingers "what do i do"
Seeing the face familiar of back then with fear made my journey feel down in vain
I Feel Pain Too...
William Lynn Sanders
Written by
William Lynn Sanders  21/M/Joplin, MO
(21/M/Joplin, MO)   
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