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Sep 2013
I cannot sleep directly next to another, but I do enjoy falling asleep with her.
Then after we are both asleep we slightly roll away to have space.
Yet I never truly fall asleep. Instead, I lay awake, thinking of your dreams.
Are they of me? I will possibly never know. Yet, for hope being, I hope they are.
You are my soul, and without my soul what am I?
Let me answer my own question: simply another man next to a woman;
for our souls are connected (you and I both know it),
and your dreams keep me awake because I can feel them.
What I wish may not be what is, but it is still what I wish,
and I will forever wish it until you realize what I need is the same as what you need.
Am I less than a man to think I can win this battle?
You say I need to be strong, but how can I?
Truly, how can I? You are with me, our souls intertwined, and yet
you lay faithful to a man who has left, cheated, left, and cheated again.
I do not know how much longer I can take it while holding you in my arms.
I do not know how much longer I can take it with you lying beneath my sheets.
However, you can stay as long as you'd like. I do not mind.
I am forever yours, and I know you're forever mine.
James Tyler
Written by
James Tyler  Memphis
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