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May 2022
It saddens me to think

You couldn’t look at a me for who I was

Who I could have been

and not what you make of it

And not through your careless construct

and as consolation

for you to bank on when all else fail

It saddens me to think that

My emotions were never safe with you

That there was never a strive

It was disposable rather

Not just my flesh but my whole being

It saddens me to think that

Your emotions never found home in me

For I thought I found solace

A comfort

Are we so sad to face such fate

So unfortunate to lose it in a day

So flimsy

Was whatever was there

Couldn’t we communicate

Couldn’t you give me a day of respite

From thinking what sham this was

Can’t live a life so empty

So scared

Walking on precarious lies

I wasn’t built for this

I didn’t deserve this

To barely cling on

To loose thread of distrust

Low aspirations

It isn’t worth a life
khina maya ghimirey
Written by
khina maya ghimirey  Bhutan
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