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Apr 2022
The days were dark before
Stranded with out a lantern
Fearing my light lost its spark
Hoping my heart wasn't to be barren
So I prayed
For it to shine over me
So I prayed
My eyes would open to only see
Everything that was in front of me
To smell sweetly from the breeze of the sea
Even if i was to bleed
I knew deep down it was what i need

I pray for
Heavenly Wings Of Glory
From my one true god
I wish for his sweet mercy
To know what it is to love
With the greatest sincerity

The days i remember have been forgotten
I embark to my new world of gods ark
He said quikly hasten
For i will take you away from the dark

Shine in glory
Behold and embrace the light
Rise to tell testimony in life story
Rise abobe from weak to strong so bright

Heavenly Wings Of Glory
Heavenly Wings Of Glory
Fly me to a place
Where i can be forgiven
Send me on race
To deserve my loveing home amongst heaven
Heavenly Wings Of Glory
Heavenly Wings Of Glory
My lord and god guide me
To where all is easy to see
Help be believe
To a state where i can't be decieved
When all stars align
I rejoice of all soul and heart in your sign

Take me to mercy
Take me to tranquility
Take me to a unbelieveable scenery
I believe in me ebcause you did so first for me!
William Lynn Sanders
Written by
William Lynn Sanders  21/M/Joplin, MO
(21/M/Joplin, MO)   
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