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Feb 19
ticks forward

i grew up knowing of the doomsday clock. hearing it tick. accepting it, but knowing people were working to make sure never would midnight ring.

today people seem to be working hard for midnight to sound. ones that would have tried to avoid such an event before. wanting to have the world slip back into another era of evil. though they will deny it.

another era whose legacy will be millions of faultless lives extinguished.

after all cried, never again, the world has forgotten, become distracted, begun living in denial. it sits ready for the command to reignite the flames of destruction.

here i stand nearing the end of my time witnessing mankind’s journey. dejected and wondering, what have the reasons been for in overcoming countless struggles.

when they become forgotten. when lessons are never learned. when sacrifice no longer matters.

so much good wasted. so many innocent lives taken. so much pain and heartache endured.

always for personal, megalomaniac, grandiose reasons.

the clock ticks forward
never again now ignored
midnight is at hand
©️ dt + b
D Thornhill
Written by
D Thornhill
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