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Sep 2013
Legs crossed, propped up on a chair,
Being careful to cross them since I'm wearing a skirt,
Sipping a white chocolate raspberry steamer,
I run my fingers through my hair,
At once relaxed and sleepily alert,
I hear a man ask the barista for more creamer.

Two new books, two whole worlds, sit beside me,
My pretty new bag sits there too.
My cellphone awaits some call I probably won't take,
For I am at peace in the moment, you see,
And nothing will interrupt my view,
For everything, everything, is at stake.

I feel the slight pressure
Around my finger,
I sense the sparkle before it hits my eyes.
I look up from my new jewelry
To the man who put them on me,
And suddenly I'm surprised.

I had wondered where He would lead me,
I didn't think he would bring me anywhere,
And now, in the local shop for coffee and tea,
I find I'll follow him everywhere.
Written by
Ahuvah Elohai
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