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Aug 2013
Now listen here kid.
I've got one thing 'ta say t'ya.
Never, never ever step into the limelight.
It is dangerous and you are bound for failure.

Yer a shadow-kid, kid.
The light isn't where ya belong.
You stay here, with us
In the cold dark sterility.
Where the dogs are rabid
and their hair thrives only in patches.
You can try get a taste for tha light,
But in the end you'll come slinking back.
Doe-eyed and blinded,

Yer a shadow-kid, kid.
The silence, the darkness.
Nothingness amidst everything.
Yer the one they try find,
but'cha gotta slip away,
slip, slip and slink and slide
back into the shadows,
until your skin is as
transparent as your soul.
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