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Nov 2021
The first time you kissed me my heartbeat couldn't breathe
           I felt suspended in the present, completely in my body; on fire with our heat
   my mind, usually drenched in anxiety; pacing through possibilities, went beautifully, blissfully, blank
                              I sank into my body; feeling grounded;
               an oak tree with the freedom of a breeze; wrapped up in the moment, lost even to me; savoring what was, not worried about what we'd remember or what we'd be
The next day my lip was swollen from the urgency that made it feel like too much fabric was held between us
      time still moved, but, for the moment, for all the minutes that included, we were still in crackling connection
  a story we were just starting to tell; the adventure of us and right there a the beginning
                               we stood still, sturdy and free
          beginning and becoming
                             simultaneously everything and nothing
                just being

It was beautiful;

                 it still is
          We were beautiful;

                                    we still are
Chris Hollermann
Written by
Chris Hollermann
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