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Aug 2013
Here is where the waves spray
Into your face and slide down,
In the sun it seeps inside and
You can’t get it out.
You left me alone to
Swim inside of our memories
Until I was pruned all over,
Until the scars didn’t show.
You didn’t want me before those
Thirty days into summer
When you waded out too deep
And felt the current sweep you back.
You kept your head down, like mine
You ****** in what was two molecules away
From your salvation, a salty, unholy substitute.
Always drowning yourself with all the wrong substances.
You swam back ashore two months too late,
After I was cocooned dry,
I was not waiting for you by the lighthouse
It shouldn’t surprise you – you never asked.
“It had always been my plan,”
You breathed into my side,
To leave me too far in the depths.
You are the reason why I learned to swim.
Written by
     Lior Gavra and miranda
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