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Aug 2013
Between dark thoughts like jackets worn back in the days,
With white ropes dangling from shoulders,
And zippers that close upon secrets
Hidden under napkins that wipe nothing but tears;
But terrible memories wrapped around
The round bounds we set a circle,
To circulate upon our hearts heroically you stop it.
Sensing my not so suitable mind set
You destroyed what was left of my heart
And realized my fear;
Forgave me of my sins by giving me away.
The trophies we collect,
The lives we detect-
On radars of truth,
The calm realities of personalities
Beyond images you created
In square shaped frames framing a ******
Forming victims of dichotomy,
Dictating souls with duality,
Dealing with the princess of dirt
And the devil with disturbing diligence;
Detecting my flaws in display
To deduce dismay.
Too many d's in one poem
But believe me death is not a D-lettered word.
Death is not the blocking of blood
It’s the back bones of one beautiful lady when turned to you;
Death is not the submission of bodies
It is the bodies that decide not to take part
In a life that starts now;
In a life that I decide to
Start now,
Along with rage the age presents
Not the years spent,
Yet the years I am to spend
Spectacular speculations upon my soul
Saying :" why does this kid bother at all?"
Why does he work for a fallen kingdom
Ruled by a misguided princess;
Sesame opened for certain people but I decided to create a new cave;
To carve my name on walls I haven’t seen
To clean the scene where a lost child of destiny lies
On grounds prepared before persecution;
Wounded and defeated,
Devalued and mistreated,
Hands on broken ribs,
Ribs ripped before a stomped heart;
Hearts under a jaded mind.
But I don’t mind,
I don’t mind;
No I don’t mind because I chose to start now
And if you are reading this I chose to start now
And if you are hearing this I chose to start now
And if you read between the lines
Passing through words , jumping over similes and rhymes,
Climbing the lyrical ladders
Following the beat in twine with time.
While you dive in illusions of fake happiness;
The tardy laughs you gave me before you stroked my heart with a battle axe made out of unfulfilled promises,
But I promised and I fully filled the gaps
You caused with applause
On my beyond and being;
I'm seeing, the new figure I figured out last night
Without you and it's gonna be okay.
Lost between dark thoughts like jackets worn back in the days
With magazines stuck on belts
That make walking heavy,
Talking impossible,
But killing each other an occupation
For the blind and deaf.
Defining us
Defying our purposes
Defining us
Defying our morals
Defining us
Defying our so called personal obligations for the strands of chemistry stratifying from CO2to H2O become but heavy air on our lungs when we belonged together I couldn’t breathe
Defining us…
Written by
MAJD S  Lebanon
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