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Aug 2013
fill your mouth with dirt and
smile wide so the world can
see your filthy obsession.
let rocks wear down your teeth and
sand-paper your organs,
to fit nicely with your
black lungs and fried brain.

fill your mouth with *** and
let it take the shape of your teeth and tongue,
till it multiplies into a new life form,
then swallow before it
waves its little fingers in agony.
o the delight of control.

fill your mouth with powder and
take a drink to feel the soft breeze more gently.
let the light into your skull,
let it surface to the top of your oceanbody;
to be heard clearly without the blur of the
water which rages around it.
there is no interference now with reality.

fill your mouth with blood and
exert control over body and soul.
flesh in between your teeth;
let it be you that feasts,
not he who is feasted upon.
sacrificial addiction, take your pick and
eat up, kid.

fill every inch of your body with pleasure,
and every cavity with sparks,
and your organs with gluttony and smog and
sleep for days and spend nights upon nights
in blissful indulgence
until the time when your frail body gives in and you must
let it empty every crevice of its weary vessel.
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