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Jul 2010
Twillow and son set about getting wood,
When a figure appeared, wearing a pointed hood,
He was a huge adolescent, well twillow's only 3 feet,
So the hooded young man made a hasty retreat.

Twillow beckoned to son,"come away, our works done",
While hoode fellow shrieked at the sight , and was stunned,
Nature tried to keep separate these two breeds for a reason,
Although it was common, like the changing of seasons.

But the damage was done, but while no hurt came of it,
The willow king thought hard that night, and he flipped,
"Come Twillow and son, show me where was this sighting?",
So they went to the forest, where the hooded fellow was hiding.

Willow king lifted up his brown robe and disclosed,
A bright crystal- like rod,with a ruby red glow,
As he pointed it at  hooded fellow, he said,
"let father time scribble out, let the past hour be betrayed.

Hooded fellow then blinked, going on about his day,
And Twillow, junior in tow, and Willow king, crept away,
Once back home underneath South Downs bridge safe and sound,
Twillow learned not to venture on daylight hours ground...
eileen mcgreevy
Written by
eileen mcgreevy
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