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Aug 2013
For so long, I've denied,
visions in my sight,
voices in my mind,
my mental parasites.

I listen every day,
but say that I can't hear
the chorus of the fray
that whispers in my ears.

And now and then I'll see
the faces of my friends
that I have never met.
Perhaps, I've reached wit's end?

But no, It's in my head.
I know this much is true,
so I hang on by a thread,
and pray it will be

Throughout the days and nights
I push those things aside.
Each moment is a struggle,
each obstacle I

Hiding from the visions,
dancing through my head,
I feel that I'm losing touch,
and can't feel what's really there.

So maybe even now,
I'm falling away again,
as voices whisper sweet painful words,
and I scream with their tones,
and the world turns,
and I stay still,
and fall, and fall again.
Christina Rose
Written by
Christina Rose
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