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Aug 2013
you left.
without a single word
nor a single wave

your smile that should've lingered
much much longer
quickly faded away,

like dust blown,
gone with the wind,
carried on to the vast universe.

"where are you?"
i asked myself
over and over again

i searched for you
went to different corners of the world
just to hear your voice.

alas, i saw you
with another person, another friend
you can cry and laugh on.

i stood there, speechless
wanted to run to you and
say things can be alright again.

but i cannot;
i just left
with tears on my eyes.

you left me.
like a broken toy left by a child
like cold chicken casserole during dinner.

you left me.
but made me believe you'll come back...
come back to make things right again.

you left me.
but you forgot to
say goodbye.
Written by
Reiya  TKY
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