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Mar 2021
Yeah, where is the award for not been home,
I'm all alone,
Mumma won't pick up the phone so slip in a zone,
shift to my own,
without a clue,
I grew,
without a way,
I would stay,
yeah when I was weak I would pray
and I was hoping for an answer,
from this so-called master in laughter,
cuz we raised with lies,
and swooped when were high in the sky,
but imma die without a tear in my eye,
imma strive to defy this mastermind,
it's just a way to escape my plastered mind,
to escape my fathers crime,
so I shine when I can with a pen,
these words I will bend to my friend,
the demons won't trend,
the feening will end,
and ill make myself great again

this **** always feels the same,
I'm ashamed of my name,
my aim is the fame in this game,
the family put Webb to shame so I'm just a noone,
trying to be someone,
and its no fun,
getting a house and a job,
the fear of the cops,
or getting jumped in a parking lot,
I think a lot,
that's just a few I thought I'd plot to prove my spot,
to stick in your head think about next weeks rent,
when u only got a dollar 20 cent to your name
but still ill write these bars
hoping that it sparks entertainment in my cause,
cuz I feel rather tainted when I'm painted with a public profile,
defying the mask I cast my words on your part since the start.
Kaleb Webb-Wheeler
Written by
Kaleb Webb-Wheeler  Adelaide
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