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Mar 2021
Is that where you want to end up?
Rock bottom
How much further can you go?
Bring a shovel
Bring a drill
Bring the whole gang

Gather your children
Gather your friends
Gather the beggars
And the dogs too
An amazing feat!
Rock bottom

O mama!
Won’t you forgive me?
O papa!
Won’t you stay?
Just you and the walls
And the darkness below
And the sky just a glance
Through a keyhole

Such a pity
Throw a ladder down for the poor lad!
Pound on the ground
As much as you can
The world won’t hear you here

Why don’t you?
Look for your coal
Your fool’s gold
A dead man’s errand
An idiot’s wish

Maybe you’ll find something worth your time
Maybe you’ll realise a lesson to learn
But what else is there for you to say
Rock bottom
Rock bottom
Rock bottom

Fool with your wolf cry
Fool with your crocodile tears
Fool with your faux smile
Fool with your empty heart
Rock bottom
Rock bottom
Rock bottom

Just you
Just there
Just nowhere to go
Just rock
And bottom
And no rope to spare
Just echos
And chills
And death and decay
And your fate in your hands
Rock bottom
Oh dear, look at the mess you made
Written by
Em  Singapore
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